OmaiProtect (UIQ) 1.0

Protect your phone and its data from theft

OmaiProtect is an application for mobile phones to keep your personal or confidential information safe from being stolen. Moreover, OmaiProtect has special feature that is connected to a world wide database association to track status of any phone by reference to the phones unique identifying code ( IMEI number).

Through this feature, users can have more chance to get the phone back if its lost or stolen.

User information

Enter your personal information: your name, password, the primary phone number and the secondary phone number.

Username and password are letters or numbers that you create your own but not more than 8 characters/digits. After you have created your password, you may need to memorize them to log on the program or exit the locking screen.

The primary and secondary phone number could be your close friends or family members. So when somebody else uses your phone and enters wrong password three times or your SIM is replaced, the program will send SMS messages automatically to these phone numbers let them know that your phone being used by someone else.

You have to enter your name, password, the primary phone number fully. The secondary phone number is your option, you may chose to have it or not.

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OmaiProtect (UIQ) 1.0

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